Has WWE gotten really bad or have I just grown up?

The perception of the WWE (World Wrestling Entertainment) product can vary from person to person, and opinions about its quality may be influenced by individual preferences, changes in storytelling, or shifts in the wrestling landscape. People’s tastes and expectations evolve over time, and what may have appealed to you in the past might not align with your current preferences.

WWE, like any form of entertainment, goes through phases of creative changes, roster adjustments, and shifts in storytelling. Some fans may feel that certain periods are more enjoyable or less appealing than others based on their preferences for wrestling styles, character development, or overall presentation.

If you feel that WWE has changed in a way that no longer aligns with your interests, you might explore other wrestling promotions that offer different styles and storytelling approaches. There are various wrestling organizations with diverse content, catering to a wide range of fan preferences.

Ultimately, whether WWE has “gotten really bad” or if it’s a matter of personal taste is subjective. If you haven’t already, you might want to explore other Watch wrestling promotions to see if there’s content that resonates more with your current preferences.

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