The Tragic Side Of The Wyatt Sicks’ Real Life

The Wyatt Sicks have made a dramatic entrance into WWE, captivating audiences with their intense debut and unique penchant for obsolete physical media like VHS tapes. However, what truly distinguishes this group from earlier entities associated with the Wyatt name is the underlying tragedy that seems to envelop them.

The wrestling community still feels the profound loss of Bray Wyatt, who unexpectedly passed away from a heart attack while sleeping in August 2023. This tragic event lends a somber reality to his eponymous group, The Wyatt Sicks, which resonates deeply with fans whenever they appear. Unlike their predecessor, The Fiend, whose supernatural elements featured prominently in storylines, The Wyatt Sicks embody a more grounded, albeit still eerie, presence in WWE.

This shift influences their performances, weaving real-life adversities into their wrestling personas. Let’s explore the personal challenges each member of The Wyatt Sicks has faced, which now inform and drive their characters in the ring.

Uncle Howdy/Bo Dallas

“Let’s begin with Bo ‘Uncle Howdy’ Dallas, the leader of the Wyatt Sicks. As Wyatt’s own brother, no one in the group has a deeper connection to him. Now at the helm of a faction aimed at completing his older brother’s legacy, this leadership role undoubtedly carries significant emotional weight.”

In the eerie first VHS segment revealed during the June 24 “WWE Raw,” Dallas shared a deeply personal glimpse into his struggles following the death of his brother. He conveyed that the loss felt like the most pivotal part of his life had been ripped away. Dallas expressed a profound sense of isolation, emphasizing that the magnitude of his grief is incomprehensible to others, largely because of the immense admiration and influence Wyatt had on his early life and wrestling career.

In WWE, Dallas took on the role of Uncle Howdy during Wyatt’s last major storyline against LA Knight, right before Wyatt passed away. Dallas revealed that this period marked the beginning of what they had always envisioned—an ultimate partnership as brothers in the ring. However, Wyatt’s untimely death left Dallas grappling with deep feelings of loss and sorrow. These emotions have fueled a growing frustration within him, driven by a fear that Wyatt’s legacy and battles might be overlooked. The creation of the Wyatt Sicks is still in its early stages, yet it’s profoundly rooted in these tragic circumstances, with Dallas experiencing some of the most profound grief over the past year.

Erick Rowan

Erick Rowan, often referred to as the “second son” of the original Wyatt Family, has been deeply connected to all the iterations of the Wyatt Sicks group. From their early days as a backwoods cult in “NXT” to their main roster battles with formidable opponents like The Shield, Rowan has been a pivotal member. This feud was viewed by many fans as a definitive signal that WWE’s main event landscape was robust and promising. However, in the twists and turns of real life, Rowan has faced the loss of more than just Wyatt in recent years.

Despite his affiliation with The Wyatt Family, Rowan’s closest connection was with Luke Harper, the “first son” of the original Wyatt Family, also known to many fans as Mr. Brodie Lee. Rowan and Harper formed a formidable duo within The Wyatt Family, carrying out Wyatt’s bidding, and their partnership persisted even after the group dissolved. Following a commendable stint as the leader of The Dark Order in AEW, Harper, unfortunately, passed away in December 2020 due to Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis.

Rowan made a poignant appearance at AEW’s “Brodie Lee: A Celebration of Life” tribute show towards the end of 2020. He supported The Dark Order in their bout against The Inner Circle, displaying a sign that read, “Goodbye for now, my brother. See you down the road.” Although his appearances in AEW were intermittent afterward, Rowan has since returned to WWE as the sole remaining member of the original Wyatt Family. In this new chapter, while Uncle Howdy may be the enigmatic force behind the group, Rowan emerges as the enduring heart and soul of The Wyatt Sicks.

Nikki Cross

Shifting focus from Bray Wyatt’s close-knit group, let’s explore Nikki Cross, also known as Abby The Witch. Nikki Cross has had an intriguing trajectory in WWE recently. Before her eerie actions of slipping VHS tapes to Michael Cole from beneath the ring, Cross was part of the equally sinister and often more chaotic SAnitY stable in “NXT” with Eric Young, Alexander Wolfe, Sawyer Fulton, and Killian Dain, who is also her husband in real life. Following her partnership with Alexa Bliss—which ended when Bliss aligned with The Fiend, a figure deeply connected to the late Wyatt—Cross adopted the superhero persona Nikki A.S.H. and clinched the Raw Women’s Championship in 2021. However, her transformation into Abby The Witch marks a return to her more unsettling character dynamics.

Wyatt Sicks, known for her eerie and unsettling portrayals on screen, has openly shared her battles with mental health challenges. In a 2023 post on her X profile, Cross shared an image from 2014, revealing a contrast between her outward appearance and inner turmoil. She confessed that despite appearing well, she was deeply unhappy during that period, struggling with poor dietary habits and a negative self-image.

Cross acknowledged that although she had decided to undergo therapy to address her personal challenges, she initially hesitated to share this decision with others due to concerns about appearing vulnerable. However, she now regrets this viewpoint, recognizing the importance of seeking assistance when needed. Today, she feels more content and healthier than before.

Joe Gacy

Joe Gacy’s journey to WWE in 2020 marked the beginning of an enigmatic presence in professional wrestling. Known for his chilling smile and controversial actions, such as the abduction of Rick Steiner in 2022, Gacy seems naturally aligned with the ominous aura of The Wyatt Sicks.

Before his WWE tenure, Gacy honed his skills on the independent circuit during the 2010s, notably in Combat Zone Wrestling where he captured the CZW Wired and World Championships three times each. His battles, often featuring barbed wire, thumbtacks, and broken glass, highlight a path marked by physical extremes—a testament to the hardships he’s endured.

In a more personal revelation, Gacy shared the heart-wrenching news of his cat’s death in February 2024 through his social media platforms. This loss prompted an outpouring of support from the WWE community, with condolences from colleagues like Natalya, Chelsea Green, and Thea Hail. After a brief hiatus from “WWE NXT,” Gacy returned in early March, gearing up for his match against Shawn Spears at NXT Stand and Deliver scheduled for April.

Dexter Lumis

Working for TNA in the early 2010s was considered less than ideal for any wrestler, a sentiment that Dexter Lumis, arguably the most enigmatic member of The Wyatt Sicks, would likely share. Lumis, known for his stoic presence, made headlines when he fictitiously married Indi Hartwell during the debut episode of “NXT 2.0” in September 2021, surprising fans who were unaware that the marriage was purely a storyline.

The most poignant setback in Lumis’ career was his initial release from WWE in April 2022. This event was particularly disheartening as it came during a period when WWE was criticized for its frequent mass dismissals, a practice that had become all too common in the early 2020s. Lumis’ release symbolized a larger issue within WWE, highlighting a period of uncertainty and mismanagement of talent as the world was emerging from the COVID-19 pandemic.

Since his return to the main roster, Lumis has struggled to reignite his career to its former potential. In 2023, many began questioning the rationale behind his return, reflecting on what had been a lackluster reintegration into WWE programming. Yet, this narrative fits the overarching theme of The Wyatt Sicks, a group formed under the legacy of a leader who himself faced numerous professional obstacles. Each member of The Wyatt Sicks has experienced personal and professional hardships and through their collective storyline, they seek to channel this adversity against their adversaries in WWE.

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