Shelton Benjamin Discusses Possible WWE Return, Backstage Roles

Former United States Champion Shelton Benjamin recently opened up about the prospect of making a WWE comeback and his interest in potentially taking on a backstage role. Released from WWE in 2023 during a series of talent reductions, Benjamin has since been active in the wrestling circuit, appearing in promotions like PROGRESS Wrestling and NSPW. During an episode of “Insight,” he expressed openness to rejoining WWE if the conditions and compensation were right.

WWE Return

“I’m certainly open to the idea,” Benjamin stated. “It’s the premier organization in our industry, and I’ve spent a significant part of my career there. If the right opportunity and financial package were presented, I’d be ready to return, keeping in mind that wrestling is very much a business for me. My decisions are driven by business considerations, not personal ones.” He also mentioned his passion for coaching, inspired by his background in amateur wrestling, and his willingness to consider a training role, although he feels he still has goals to achieve in the ring.

“There has been some discussion about me possibly taking on a training role. While I haven’t moved forward with that yet, it’s a path I’m open to exploring in the future,” he explained. “I have a deep passion for teaching, but I also admit I’m looking out for a few personal milestones I’m yet to reach.” Benjamin also touched on his stint with “The Hurt Business,” lamenting the premature end of the faction and revealed that there were once plans for a reunion.

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