How to Watch Wrestling at the Paris Olympics: TV and Stream Schedule

The excitement of the Olympics is just around the corner, and wrestling fans are eagerly waiting to see their favorite athletes compete in Paris. If you want to catch all the action, here’s a simple guide on how to watch wrestling at the Paris Olympics, whether on TV or through online streaming.

Wrestling at the 2024 Paris Olympics will air on USA Network, and stream on Peacock and NBC Olympics platforms starting on Monday, August 5. 

  • Dates: August 5 – August 11
  • Medal events:
    • Men’s freestyle: 57kg, 65kg, 74kg, 86kg, 97kg, 125kg
    • Women’s freestyle: 50kg, 53kg, 57kg, 62kg, 68kg, 76kg
    • Greco-Roman: 60kg, 67kg, 77kg, 87kg, 97kg, 130kg
  • Venue: Champ de Mars Arena
  • TV channels: USA Network
  • Streaming: Peacock,,, NBC app, NBC Olympics app 

Visit for more information on watching the Paris Olympics, including links to download the NBC, NBC Olympics and Peacock apps. 

When does wrestling start and end at the 2024 Paris Olympics?

Wrestling will start on Monday, August 5 and conclude on Sunday, August 11. There will be live coverage of wrestling events on the following dates:

  • Women’s freestyle: Monday, August 5 – Sunday, August 11
  • Greco-Roman: Monday, August 5 – Thursday, August 8
  • Men’s freestyle: Thursday, August 8 – Sunday, August 11

TV Schedule

Watching the Olympics on TV is a tradition for many. Here’s a breakdown of how to find the wrestling events:

  1. Check Your Local Listings: Different countries have different channels broadcasting the Olympics. Popular networks include NBC in the USA, BBC in the UK, and CBC in Canada.
  2. Olympic Channel: The Olympic Channel often provides live coverage and replays of events, including wrestling.
  3. Sports Networks: Channels like ESPN, Eurosport, and Fox Sports will have extensive coverage and highlights of the wrestling matches.
Mon, 8/5 9a-11aMat A: Greco-Roman 60kg EliminationsPeacock,
Mon, 8/5 9a-11aMat B: Women’s Freestyle 68kg EliminationsPeacock,
Mon, 8/5 9a-11aMat C: Greco-Roman 130kg EliminationsPeacock,
Mon, 8/5 3p-4pSemifinals: W Freestyle 68kg, Greco-Roman 130kg & morePeacock,
Tues, 8/6 5a-7:30aMat A: Greco-Roman 77kg EliminationsPeacock,
Tues, 8/6 5a-7:30aMat B: Women’s Freestyle 50kg EliminationsPeacock,
Tues, 8/6 5a-7:30aMat C: Greco-Roman 97kg EliminationsPeacock,
Tues, 8/6 12:15p-3:45pFinals: Greco-Roman 60kg, 130kg & W Freestyle 68kg & more 🏅Peacock,
Weds, 8/7 5a-7:30aMat A: Greco-Roman 67kg EliminationsPeacock,
Weds, 8/7 5a-7:30aMat B: Women’s Freestyle 53kg EliminationsPeacock,
Weds, 8/7 5a-7:30aMat C: Greco-Roman 87kg EliminationsPeacock,
Weds, 8/7 12:15p-3:45pFinals: Greco-Roman 77kg, 97kg & W Freestyle 50kg & more 🏅Peacock,
Thurs, 8/8 5a-7:30aMat A: Men’s Freestyle 57kg EliminationsPeacock,
Thurs, 8/8 5a-7:30aMat B: Women’s Freestyle 57kg EliminationsPeacock,
Thurs, 8/8 5a-7:30aMat C: Men’s Freestyle 86kg EliminationsPeacock,
Thurs, 8/8 12:15p-3:45pFinals: Greco-Roman 67kg, 87kg & W Freestyle 53kg & more 🏅Peacock,
Fri, 8/9 5a-7:30aMat A: Men’s Freestyle 74kg EliminationsPeacock,
Fri, 8/9 5a-7:30aMat B: Women’s Freestyle 62kg EliminationsPeacock,
Fri, 8/9 5a-7:30aMat C: Men’s Freestyle 125kg EliminationsPeacock,
Fri, 8/9 12:15p-3:45pFinals: M Freestyle 57kg, 86kg & W Freestyle 57kg & more 🏅Peacock,
Sat, 8/10 5a-7:30aMat A: Men’s Freestyle 65kg EliminationsPeacock,
Sat, 8/10 5a-7:30aMat B: Women’s Freestyle 76kg EliminationsPeacock,
Sat, 8/10 5a-7:30aMat C: Men’s Freestyle 97kg EliminationsPeacock,
Sat, 8/10 12:15p-3:45pFinals: M Freestyle 74kg, 125kg & W Freestyle 62kg & more 🏅Peacock,
Sun, 8/11 5a-8:15aFinals: M Freestyle 65kg, 97kg & W Freestyle 76kg 🏅Peacock,

Make sure to tune in to these channels and streaming services to catch all the exciting wrestling matches at the Paris Olympics!

Streaming Options

For those who prefer to stream the events online, here are some options:

  1. Official Olympic Website: The official website of the Olympics will have live streaming options and updated schedules.
  2. NBC Sports App: In the USA, the NBC Sports App offers live streaming of all Olympic events, including wrestling.
  3. YouTube TV: YouTube TV provides access to various sports channels that will stream the wrestling events live.
  4. Streaming Services: Services like Hulu Live, Sling TV, and FuboTV offer live TV options where you can watch Olympic wrestling.

Schedule Highlights

To ensure you don’t miss any wrestling action, mark these key dates:

  1. Preliminary Rounds: The wrestling preliminary rounds usually start a few days into the Olympics. Check the official schedule for exact dates and times.
  2. Finals: The finals are where the medals are decided. These are spread across different days, so make sure to note them down.
  3. Special Events: Look out for special wrestling events or exhibitions that might be scheduled throughout the Olympics.

Tips for Enjoying the Wrestling Events

  1. Set Reminders: Use your phone or calendar to set reminders for the wrestling events you don’t want to miss.
  2. Watch Replays: If you miss a live event, most streaming services and the official Olympic website offer replays.
  3. Follow Social Media: Follow the official Olympic social media accounts for updates, highlights, and behind-the-scenes content.


Watching wrestling at the Paris Olympics is easy and accessible, whether you prefer TV or streaming. By following this guide, you’ll be able to enjoy every match and cheer for your favorite athletes. Remember to check local listings, use streaming services, and keep an eye on the schedule for all the exciting wrestling action. Enjoy the Olympics!

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