Bully Ray Takes Issue With One Aspect Of Wyatt Sicks Segment On WWE Raw

Bully Ray expressed concerns about a segment from the July 8 episode of “WWE Raw,” where Abby the Witch continued to torment Chad Gable. Speaking on “Busted Open Radio,” Bully Ray pointed out some flaws in WWE’s portrayal of these characters.

He noted that other personalities seem less intimidated by their presence, which undermines their impact. He specifically criticized announcers Michael Cole and Pat McAfee, suggesting their performances failed to effectively convey the intended fear and intimidation.

Bully Ray expressed dissatisfaction with the reactions—or lack thereof—of Cole and Pat McAfee during a recent Wyatt Sicks segment on WWE Raw. He critiqued their nonchalant demeanor, suggesting that the unpredictability of the character warranted a more cautious approach. “If that woman entered your home, would you simply stand there, or would you step back?” Bully posed the question, highlighting the eerie nature of the character.

He proposed that a more realistic reaction would involve Cole and McAfee leaving the announce table, only to return after the commercial break to find the mysterious VHS tape already placed there.

Bully also noted that Sheamus’ subsequent response did not enhance the segment, suggesting a missed opportunity for a stronger narrative impact. This critique came following the third consecutive week where Abby delivered another enigmatic VHS tape to the bewildered announcers on WWE Raw.

Bully Ray shared his thoughts on the Wyatt Sicks segment from WWE Raw, echoing Sheamus’ reaction with a hint of mimicry: “That was kinda creepy, fella! That was kinda scary, fella! What was that, that was weird, fella! Huh huh, I’m not scared!” He then questioned, “Why aren’t you scared? Is it because you’re a big tough Irishman?” Bully argued that this is precisely what could make the gimmick more intimidating, stressing that even the toughest should show fear. “That’s what gives it genuine fear factor. Everyone ought to feel the chill of Wyatt Sicks.”

Please attribute these comments to “Busted Open Radio” and include a hat tip to Wrestling Inc. for the transcription.

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