Bully Ray & Mark Henry Discuss Idea Of WWE’s John Cena Breaking World Title Record

Since John Cena announced that 2025 would be his final year as an in-ring competitor, discussions have intensified about whether he should break Ric Flair’s 16-time World Championship record. On “Busted Open Radio,” Bully Ray expressed his indifference, questioning if Cena should surpass Flair’s record. “Does the championship really mean anything around John Cena’s waist?” Bully asked. “If they put the championship on Cena, who then defeats him to become a bigger star?”

Bully Ray & Mark Henry Discuss Idea Of WWE's John Cena Breaking World Title Record

Bully Ray believes Cena doesn’t need another world title to be considered the greatest WWE champion, as he already holds that title. However, he argued that to be regarded as the greatest champion in pro wrestling, one must have competed in multiple promotions, as Flair has. “Unless you’ve done it all over the world, you cannot claim to be the greatest of all time,” Bully added.

Mark Henry, a former rival of Cena, sees value in elevating Cena as “the greatest.” Henry noted that Cena, due to his age, can continue to be a positive ambassador for WWE for the next 20 years, unlike the 75-year-old Flair. “It’s about the business of WWE, the legacy of WWE,” Henry said. “It’s about money, draw, and promoting the future and history of the brand. John Cena is a valuable piece for marketing and promotion.”

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