Bully Ray Assesses Who Got The Edge In Seth Rollins & CM Punk’s WWE Raw Promo Battle

Since his return to WWE in November 2023, CM Punk has been prominently involved with two wrestlers — Drew McIntyre and Seth Rollins. This past Monday on “WWE Raw,” attention shifted from Punk’s ongoing rivalry with McIntyre to his confrontation with Rollins. Reflecting on the promo exchange during “WWE Raw,” Bully Ray, co-host of “Busted Open Radio,” evaluated which of the two stars had the superior performance.

“I think Seth had the upper hand,” Bully commented. “There was a moment where it seemed like Punk might have lost his track during the promo. It’s a minor slip; it happens to the best and it’s hardly a critical issue, but it’s unusual for someone like Punk.”

Bully did not pinpoint the exact instance that made him second-guess Punk’s performance; however, he lavished praise on Rollins. For Bully, it’s not just about the words spoken; the overall delivery plays a crucial role, and by that measure, Rollins truly excelled during Monday’s WWE Raw.

Bully Ray evaluated the WWE Raw promo battle between Seth Rollins and CM Punk, highlighting that Punk’s apology to Rollins did not help his likability. Despite the apology, Punk conveyed that he still dislikes Rollins. The “Busted Open” hosts also noted that McIntyre’s recent theft of Punk’s bracelet has intensified the conflict between Rollins and Punk.

Bully Ray discussed the edge in the promo battle between Seth Rollins and CM Punk on WWE Raw.

“The business is the match, but it’s personal to Punk,” Bully noted.

Punk, who suffered a triceps tear during the Men’s Royal Rumble earlier this year, has not yet been cleared for in-ring action. However, it seems that day is fast approaching as WWE intensifies several feuds involving the 45-year-old.

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