Bully Ray Analyzes Details Of Wyatt Sicks Segment, Names Only WWE Star Who’s Safe

Earlier this week on “WWE Raw,” the Wyatt Sicks continued their eerie appearances. A video tape aired before Bo Dallas was spotted in Adam Pearce’s office. On “Busted Open Radio,” WWE Hall of Famer Bully Ray expressed excitement about Dallas interacting with Pearce but criticized another element of the Wyatt Sicks segment.


Bully Ray pointed out the lack of reaction from Michael Cole and Pat McAfee during Sister Abigail’s (Nikki Cross) appearance on Monday’s “Raw,” where she delivered a VHS tape to the commentary table. Bully believes the duo should show more fear, considering the mysterious and potentially dangerous nature of Abigail’s character.

He suggested that the show could cut to commercial after Abigail leaves the tape, enhancing the suspense when Cole and McAfee return to address the box.

Additionally, Bully felt Sheamus should have shown more fear of the Wyatt Sicks. He argued that a tough star like Sheamus displaying unease would amplify the group’s intimidating presence.

According to Bully Ray, the only WWE star who should not fear the Wyatt Sicks is Braun Strowman, given his history as a former member of the original Wyatt Family. Strowman joined the faction in 2015 before establishing himself independently the following year.

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