Bryan Danielson Wins Owen Hart Cup On AEW Dynamite, Will Seek World Title At Wembley

On a recent episode of “AEW Dynamite,” Bryan Danielson clinched a monumental victory in the Owen Hart Foundation Men’s Tournament final. Danielson’s triumph over “Hangman” Adam Page not only showcased his wrestling prowess but also set the stage for his upcoming world title match at All In, slated for August 25 at Wembley Stadium. This match against the reigning champion, Swerve Strickland, could potentially be one of the defining moments of Danielson’s career as he plans to conclude his full-time wrestling tenure by the end of 2024.

Bryan Danielson Wins Owen Hart Cup On AEW Dynamite, Will Seek World Title At Wembley

The match opened dynamically, with Jeff Jarrett acting as the special guest enforcer—a role stemming from his previous altercation with Page in the tournament. From the outset, Danielson aggressively pursued a submission with the LeBell Lock, though Page managed to escape. Following a brief interruption for advertisements, the intensity escalated with Page delivering a tombstone piledriver, which Danielson survived. The action spilled outside the ring where Page executed another piledriver on the floor.

Despite the grueling offense from Page, Danielson managed a Busaiku Knee, though he was too drained to attempt a cover. The wrestlers then exchanged a series of headbutts at center ring. A misdirected Psycho Knee from Danielson inadvertently struck the referee, leading to further chaos. Seizing the moment, Page used his belt as a weapon, only for Jarrett to intervene, revealing a referee shirt under his attire and assuming officiating duties. Amidst the confusion, Page landed a Deadeye and a Buckshot Lariat, but Danielson endured. In a dramatic turn, Danielson reversed Page’s crossface into a pinfall, securing his victory in this pivotal “AEW Dynamite” match.

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