AEW’s Thunder Rosa Makes Amusing Threat To WWE NXT Champ ‘All Ego’ Ethan Page

Ethan Page, known as “All Ego,” has made a successful transition from AEW to WWE, where he recently claimed the NXT Championship at Heatwave last Sunday. In his first appearance on “NXT” following the event, he held a celebratory segment for capturing the title. As the current WWE NXT Champ, Page has naturally become a focal point for challengers, attracting attention not only from competitors within “NXT” but also from his former colleagues in AEW.

Thunder Rosa, a former standout from AEW, humorously responded to “All Ego” Ethan Page’s recent promotion to WWE NXT Champion. After Page showcased clips of his inaugural NXT promo on social media platform X, Rosa teased him by saying she planned to hunt down his action figure to hand it over to his adversaries for potential voodoo mischief. Page, caught off-guard by her playful jab, could only muster a baffled “WTF” in reply.

Thunder Rosa humorously warned WWE NXT Champion ‘All Ego’ Ethan Page, highlighting the NXT Champion’s continuing affection for his past colleagues from AEW, despite his less-than-ideal experience there. While Page had several standout moments in AEW, he has been open about his frustrations since his departure, describing AEW as “chaotic and disorganized.” He has also voiced concerns about how he was utilized during his time with the company.

WWE NXT Champion ‘All Ego’ Ethan Page won’t have to worry about Thunder Rosa’s playful threat to cast voodoo on him. With Oro Mensah consistently challenging him since his NXT debut, former titleholder Trick Williams, and TNA’s Joe Hendry—who teamed up with Williams in last night’s tag match against Page and Shawn Spears—Page already faces a strong lineup of contenders eager to claim his championship.

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